New York Times

Tuesday 5th December 1922

Their Marriage to Take Place Tomorrow at the Home of Her Sister, Mrs. William K. Dick
Although the engagement of Miss Katherine B. Force, daughter of Mrs. William H. Force, to Major Lorillard Spencer has never been formally announced, it has been rumored for some time, and their wedding will take place tomorrow at the home of Mrs. William K. Dick, 7 East Eighty-fourth Street. Mrs. Dick, who was formerly Mrs. John Jacob Astor, is Miss Force's sister.

The wedding will be attended only by relatives and a few intimate friends. Major Spencer was married in 1905 to Miss Mary R. Sands and they were divorced last March. Their son, Lorillard Spencer Jr., is with his mother. Major Spencer was in France during the war and was severely wounded.

[Note: In addition to the bride's being the sister of Titanic survivor Madeleine Astor, the groom was a nephew of Titanic victim William Spencer.]

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